Alternate Definitions for Large Wave Flume

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Term: Large Wave Flume
Definition: Laboratory facility for the physical modelling of water waves, in order to study their properties and their effects on coastal structures, offshore structures, sediment transport and other transport phenomena. Consists of a tank of water, the width of which is much less than its length, outfitted with a wave making machine. Especially suited for investigating cross-shore sediment suspension and transport; wave forces on offshore and coastal structures; nearshore hydrodynamics, wave breaking, swash dynamics, and undertow; tsunami inundation and overland flow; tsunami structure impact, debris and scour; pollutant mixing and transport; scour, pipeline stability and outfalls; liquefaction, cohesive sediments; wave run-up, reflection, and overtopping; ocean wave energy systems.
Created 2016.08.29
Last Modified 2023.03.27
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