B stars

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Term: B stars

A star of spectral type B, whose spectrum is marked by absorption lines of hydrogen; also known as B-type star. B-type optical spectra are characterized by the presence of neutral He lines (mainly He I 4471 Å) at about type B9. He I strengthens up to about B2, then decreases. Ionized helium (mainly He II 4541 Å) first appears at about B0. Most metallic lines are absent or weak, except some absorption lines for the higher ionization states of silicon, oxygen, carbon, and magnesium. These are hot stars with effective temperatures ranging from about 10,000 K at B9 to nearly 30,000 K at B0. They are between 3 and 20 solar masses. Some famous examples include Rigel, Achernar, and Hadar.

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