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Term: GeocentricSolarEquatorialCoordinateSystem

The Geocentric Solar Equatorial System (GSEQ) as with the GSE system has its X-axis pointing towards the Sun from the Earth. However, instead of having its Y-axis in the ecliptic plane, the GSEQ Y-axis is parallel to the Sun's equatorial plane which is inclined to the ecliptic. We note that since the X-axis is in the ecliptic plane and therefore is not necessarily in the Sun's equatorial plane, the Z-axis of this system will not necessarily be parallel to the Sun's axis of rotation. However, the Sun's axis of rotation must lie in the X-Z plane. The Z-axis is chosen to be in the same sense as the ecliptic pole, i.e. northwards.

Created 2023.04.16
Last Modified 2023.04.16
Contributed by Ryan McGranaghan