polar cap absorption

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Term: polar cap absorption

An anomalous condition of the polar ionosphere where HF and VHF (3-300 MHz) radiowaves are absorbed, and LF and VLF (3-300 kHz) radiowaves are reflected at lower altitudes than normal. PCAs generally originate with major solar flares, beginning within a few hours of the event and maximizing within a day or two of onset. As measured by a riometer, the PCA event threshold is 2 dB of absorption at 30MIlz for daytime and 0.5 dB at night. In practice, the absorption is inferred from the proton flux at energies greater than 10 MeV, so that PCAs and proton events are simultaneous. However, the transpolar radio paths may be disturbed for days, up to weeks, following the end of a proton event.

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